Mindless Monday

How was everyone’s weekend? Did anyone go to any great Super Bowl parties? My weekend was pretty fabulous. I didn’t have to work any weddings or events which is always nice. I got to spend pretty much the entire weekend with Sean which doesn’t happen that often so that was great too! We enjoyed the weather (well, Sean got very burned…which you wouldn’t think would happen in 60 degree weather!), I cheered him on in The Warrior Dash, and we spent 2 lazy nights at the house.

Only a little dirty, right? I tried to keep my distance.  Him and his friends had a lot fun, but it took them quite a while to finish. He said there were a few obstacles they had to wait in a long line for to complete. If I was running this race that would have definitely frustrated me. I was happy I didn’t partake in the muddiness. I raced in one back in August and I guess not enough time has passed for me to be ready to do another Winking smile.


The Super Bowl in this house was very low key. My mom and I just threw a few things together. Obviously, my favorite part of the game was Beyonce’s performance. She is SUCH a good performer. I got so excited when Destiny’s Child came on stage!!! I ❤ Beyonce.

I guess I had more thoughts today than most Monday’s. Let’s make it a good week, shall we?

Would you ever participate in a mud run?