Mindless Monday

Helloooo Monday morning! Is everyone ready for a great week? With lots of coffee I will be Winking smile. Here are some scenes from the past few weekends.

With my sister’s move we were down to ONE TV in my house. Needless to say I have been overruled many Monday night’s and am sad to say I have missed a lot of The Bachelor. Luckily, we have a new TV in the house and I am definitely tuning in tonight for the women tell all episode. Those episodes are always entertaining, and now I can catch up on all the juicy stuff I missed out on.

By the way, I updated the Let’s Work Out page with my work out plan for the week, check it out and let me know what your plan is. I need some new ideas!


Mindless Monday

Did anyone watch The Grammy’s last night? To me, they are probably the most entertaining awards show. So many great performances. And of course, lots of dresses to admire. I watched a little bit before calling it an early night.

My weekend was great, but felt too short. I got to visit my sister at her new place! I didn’t take many pictures, but here are some scenes from the weekend.

Did you watch The Grammy’s? Who was your favorite performer?