WIOW: Planning Ahead

On Sunday, I updated the Let’s Work Out page on the blog. I kind of let that page slide and I want to bring it back. It’s a good way for me to keep track of what I’ve done over the weeks and see what things I may be lacking from my work outs.

I’m a serious planner in all aspects of my life, so it only makes sense that I should plan my work outs ahead of time, too. I didn’t plan exact work outs for the entire week, but just a general idea of what type of exercise I plan to do. So far I’m 3 days in and I have stuck to the work outs I laid out for myself.

I added some stretching and ab work into my work out routines this week, because I suck at doing these things. I always say I will, but it never happens. Writing it down usually makes a huge difference for me because I don’t feel at ease until I can cross it off the list. Feel free to send some good stretches my way! I could very easily just end up laying on the floor in front of the TV if I don’t have a plan Winking smile.

Do you plan your work outs ahead of time or wait to see what you’re in the mood for when the time comes?



Happy hump day & work it out Wednesday. I am happily welcoming this hump day because my 16 hour work day is behind me—WOO HOO! I am beyond exhausted and my legs/feet hurt like nobody’s business, but I did it and it’s done. Smile  Halleluiah!


I just want to talk about working out and the weather today. For me, the weather is a huge motivator to work out. In particular, go for a run. When it is low 70s and sunny I actually get excited to go outside and go for a run, which is very strange for me. And on days when I have to work and it’s so beautiful outside and I can’t go out for a run, I actually find myself wishing I could.

I know I complain a lot about the weather here in Orlando, (“why am I wearing shorts in January?”, “My boots aren’t getting enough wear!”), but this weekend was just lovely and I had the best run. I felt fast for me and I chose to go a little longer instead of doing the usual loop I have been running lately and I only have the weather to thank…and maybe the fact that I hadn’t ran in a while. I ran 5.5 miles in about 48 minutes.I used my RunKeeper app to keep track of my milage, I know I mentioned before I have had accuracy issues with the app, but I think this was pretty accurate. The rest of my work outs this week have been fine (I actually still need to get one in today, I’m going to need extra motivation!), but nothing compares to having a great run outside. I am fortunate to fit a lot of those in here in Orlando and I won’t complain about that Winking smile

Does weather motivate you to get in a good work out session?