Pinterest Recipes

This weekend I made TWO recipes from Pinterest. With all the stuff I pin and never actually try out, I felt pretty proud of myself. The first recipe probably shouldn’t even count because it was SO easy. Mix a boxed brownie mix, yogurt, and cool whip together and you get Brownie Dip. Is that even a recipe? I guess I will let it count since it was so delicious. Chocolaty goodness. Sadly I forgot to pick up vanilla wafers for dunking, but we had a few chocolate graham’s. I was fine eating it by itself. It reminded me of chocolate pudding or mousse. The spoonful’s went down easily.

The next recipe took slightly more effort, but it was still pretty simple. I know I mentioned yesterday we had a casual Super Bowl Sunday, but we are of course going to make sure some good football dips are available for eating. Well, I made sure. I made Jalapeno Corn Dip.  It was good! Nothing too crazy, just your typical cheesy dip with a spicy kick. 

Definitely need to put my recipe boards to use more often.

Do you make the things you pin often? What has been the best recipe you came across and actually made on Pinterest?