WIOW- Spinning

I think my sister first introduced me to spin class during my first semester at UCF. Since then, I went to spinning classes on a pretty regular basis throughout college. I LOVED the feeling I got after a spin class. I always felt like I had the best work out and was so energized. Most of all it was fun and fast paced.

Since I’ve graduated I no longer have access to the UCF gym (best gym in the world). I miss it sooo much. Anyway, I haven’t participated in a spin class since, and yesterday morning I tried out the class at the gym I currently belong to. It felt good to switch up my routine and force myself to try something new, but it just made me miss spinning at UCF. There were only a few people in the class and the instructor just wasn’t as fun or encouraging. Womp, womp. I’ll definitely give it a go again and maybe try a new instructor next time.

I like group classes, but I don’t usually partake in them. I’m just way more comfortable doing my own thing. Although, it does feel great to get out of my comfort zone and add variety to my work out that I wouldn’t think of on my own.

Do you prefer group exercise or going solo?


It’s my dad’s birthday today and a healthy dinner of Baked Ziti and Fluffernutter Chocolate Cake is waiting for me. Yes, Fluffernutter Chocolate Cake. I found the recipe on Pinterest and my mom and I slaved away in the kitchen Monday night. Now, all we have to do is ice that baby up and eat it. Peanut butter and fluff is probably my favorite combo ever. I’m so excited! I’ll share the recipe soon.

Have a great night!


Friday Routine

It’s FRIDAY peeps! I know a few weeks back I mentioned I want to try to enjoy little things throughout the week and not simply wait for the weekend; which I am trying to be better at, but I just love Friday’s. The funny thing is I don’t do anything exciting. I’ve actually had quite the little routine going for the past oh I don’t know…4 Friday’s in a row?

Lately, my boss has been letting me go early on Friday’s since we work so many events/overtime throughout the rest of the week or weekend work. As soon as she tells me to leave I hit up Starbuck’s and then the mall.

It’s nice to decompress from the week by myself with coffee and pretty clothes to look at. Usually, I don’t end up buying much. I know I could do this pretty much any day of the week, but I love knowing the week is behind me and I don’t have to do any prepping for the next work day, I can just relax! That’s probably such a lame Friday for most people my age, but I don’t care. Winking smile


As much as I love that routine, I’m switching it up this Friday and going to visit my sister in her new place for the first time! I’m so excited to check it out and see what her life has been like for the past week in her new home.

Do you have a Friday routine? Is it as lame as mine?

Moving Day

I have some upsetting news: my sister is no longer my roomie. She took a new job in Tampa requiring her to move out of our home. We have both been living at home (again) since we graduated college. For her, that was about 2 and a half years ago. For me, that was about 9 months ago. Living under the same roof again was so convenient and fun. Someone to go on a run with? Check. Someone to watch The Bachelor with? Check. Someone to laugh at mom and dad with? Check. Someone to borrow clothes from? Check. Someone to do just about everything with? Check. So you get the point, I’m going to miss her!!!

Since both attending college at UCF and living in the same city since then, I’ve gotten so used to having her close by. It’s weird to think for a full 2 years I was still in high school in PA and she was attending college here in Florida, that seems like forever ago. As much as I am going to miss her, I am so excited for her new start.

Fresh/new starts don’t happen that often, and to me, there is nothing more exciting. There is so much to look forward to: a new job to be awesome at, a new place to make your own, a new area to explore, and new friends to be made. It is obvious that getting to those exciting times is easier said than done. As much as it is exciting, it is also nerve-wracking and stressful. Kristin has spent the past month or so trying to decide if this job was the right one for her, and then once that decision was made, deciding where to live, what furniture she needs, etc. etc. As much as it would be nice to know for sure you are making the right decision, you really never will and many times if it feels right, you just have to take a leap of faith and I’m so happy Kristin did.

This past Friday was moving day. Unfortunately I couldn’t help because of work responsibilities, but I know I will be making lots of visits to Tampa in the future! Hopefully she will have a couch by then Winking smile. I’m so happy for her and thankful she is close enough to visit often.

What advice would you give to someone who is first out on their own? What do you look forward to most about a big chance, such as a move or new job?

Luke Bryan

Even though I had to work this weekend and I didn’t get to see my boyfriend, it was still a great weekend. Friday night I caught up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (those ladies are crazy) and called it an early night which I desperately needed. Saturday was a great day. It was pretty much everything I could want in a weekend. I had a lazy morning, went for an awesome run, did a few chores, went shopping, then attended the Luke Bryan concert at the Amway Center! That is pretty much a perfect day in my book.

Oh, and the weather was peeeerfect.

Luke Bryan was such a good show. He was so fun and entertaining, he even pulled up people from the crowd onto the stage. And I guess he’s kinda cute too Winking smile My sister and I had a blast.

Thompson Square and Florida Georgia Line opened for him, but Kristin’s friend who works at the Amway Center informed us Luke wouldn’t be on until much later, so we decided to show up to the concert just in time to see him. From those around us we heard that Thompson Square and Florida Georgia Line put on great performances too. The Amway Center is a HUGE venue, probably one of the largest in the US and it always amazes me when it sells out. How amazing must that feel for the performer? Just looking around at the huge crowds of fans in cowboy hats and boots was entertaining in itself. Country concerts are so fun—I can’t wait until my next one!

If you could describe your ideal weekend, what would it be?

A Magical Weekend

Thanks to Sean’s parents and my sister, Sean and I spent the weekend at Disney! Sean’s parents got a trip for us and my sister just happened to have Disney passes. Win-win. We stayed at the French Quarter Resort and spent Sunday at Magic Kingdom. We had a great time, but I think we were both over the lines and swarms of people. I know Disney is probably always crazy, but I think the holiday weekend made it even worse. We also spent some time at Downtown Disney with some friends and ate dinner at Cat Cora’s restaurant at Disney’s “Boardwalk.” It was so delicious.

We also ate lunch at the new restaurant in Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest. The food was so-so, but I loved being in the restaurant. Beauty and the Beast was probably my favorite Disney movie growing up and I love the dinner scene in the big dining room in Beat’s Castle, I felt like I was there– so cool!


Last night when I got back home I was greeted with a pomegranate martini made by my dad and a delicious meal equipped with appetizers and dessert prepared by my mom. They went all out since my aunt and uncle are in town and I’m happy I got to join in on some of the fun. Today is back to reality: work, exercise, and attempting to eat healthy. Who is with me?

Did you enjoy your holiday weekend?

Highlights of the Week

Good morning and happy Friday!

Everyone at work has been hacking away and staying home sick lately. So yesterday when I was feeling exhausted all day I knew I should get to sleep early so I did just that.  I drank tea and read some of my new reading material and called it an early night. Well, an earlier night than usual. I get so excited when I go to bed really early, is that strange?

I’m always happy when Friday comes around, but this week has actually been a great week for several reasons. I’m going to try to make a point to enjoy the little things throughout the work week instead of always longing for free time on the weekends.

Here are the little things I enjoyed this week:

1. I finally got a pedicure that I’ve been meaning to get for about 8 months now. I need to partake in this luxury more often. I can’t help but smile when I see my smooth professionally manicured feet.

2. I baked blondies which made some work friends happy.

3.  Attended a Magic game with my sister…and we won!

4. Made 2 trips to Starbuck’s and paid for my drinks with a gift card.

5. Stocked up on work snacks.

6. A cold front is coming through!

7. Anticipating a weekend away with Sean! It’s only about 30 minutes away from my house, but supposedly it’s a really magical place so I’m pumped to spend the weekend there! Winking smile

What have been the highlights of your week?

WIOW- Apps

Work it out Wednesday has been missing the past few weeks. Thankfully, my work outs have not! I’m trying to bring back some more variety and intensity to my workouts (as silly as that sounds). I feel like after I completed my half marathon I was kind of, “eh” about my work outs. I still did them, but never finished feeling great so I’m trying to bring that back!

This Monday I worked out with my Nike Training Club App. My sister introduced me to it and I really like it! It has 3 different categories: GET LEAN, GET TONED, and GET STRONG. It then breaks down into subcategories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Once you have selected that it brings up a list of work outs to select ranging from about 15-45 minutes. Once you start the work out it speaks to you and tells you what exercise to complete and when the 30 seconds is up of lunges or whatever it may be, it tells you to move on to squats. The app also includes videos on how to do the exercises in case they are new to you.

Monday I did 30 minutes from the beginner GET TONED section and my legs are sooooore! I really like the app. It has great variety of tough workouts.

The other two apps I occasionally use related to fitness are RunKepper and My Fitness Pal. RunKeeper is awesome because it tracks your distance and pace without having to buy a an expensive Garmin, and you can listen to your music and everything. I’ve had a few mishaps with the GPS when it had me running 5 minute miles. UH, yeah right! That hasn’t happened often though. The only reason I don’t use it on every run is because I get nervous having my phone with me. I need to invest in an armband.

My Fitness Pal tracks your calories, given you input all the food you consume. I like using this when I feel like it’s time to be strict and eat healthy, but that usually only lasts a few days. It’s easy to get lazy with this app since you have to input everything for it to be accurate. If you think I’m entering every almond you’re crazy.

I think all of these apps were introduced to me by others. I’m kinda out of the app loop and the loop in general. That is what Kristin is for.

So tell me, what fitness apps am I missing out on?!

Welcome Back, Chris Harrison

This weekend came so fast with only a 3 day work week last week. It was a good one, but it also went by too fast. Isn’t that always the case with weekends? Not long enough. I think I’d be more productive at work if it wasn’t a full 5 days long. Anyone else with me on this? When I don’t have much time to do things, but I need to get them done, I can always make it happen. But if I have a week or two I am lazy about it and sometimes it totally falls off my radar. Basically, 3 day work week = more productive and beneficial for everyone Smile I’ll be sure to let you know when I make this happen.

My weekend was spent watching Pretty Little Liars (seriously how to teen girls watch this…creepy!!), visiting Sean, seeing This is 40, forgetting my wallet at the movies (how do I do these things?), church, a run, and that’s pretty much it. Always exciting stuff happening around here.

The highlight had to be hanging with these crazy cuties.

Now for some serious talk… What did you all think of the Bachelor? How awkward was that first encounter with Sean & Arie?! The first episode I always find kind of boring, but I tuned in for a bit and I definitely can already pick out who my favorites of the season will be. Ahhh, welcome back to my life Chris Harrison.

Mindless Monday

How was everyone’s first week of 2013? Sticking to the goals you may have set for yourself? If I’m being honest, I wrote down my goals in my planner like I did last year, but I haven’t really began to look at them yet and decide how I want to accomplish them, soon enough I will! My first week of 2013 was more play than work.

I can’t leave without mentioning The Bachelor premier tonight. Who is watching with me?! I am addicted to this show and am so excited for its return. Have a great week!

Happy New Year

2013 is here—hip hip hooray! I hope everyone had a wonderful last night of 2012 and is not waking up feeling too hung over this morning Winking smile . Here’s to leaving the past in 2012 and looking forward to a great year.