Movie vs Book

Last week was pretty crazy at work. Home late each night and a lot of events! Blogging had to take a back seat for the week. I focused on getting to sleep early and squeezing in some work outs OH and enjoying a few Valentine’s day treats Winking smile.  It was a good week, but I’m more than happy to welcome this event-free week.

No plans this weekend except to hang out with my boyfriend was the perfect way to recuperate.  We ate a few delicious meals, saw Safe Haven, and were a couple of lazy bums.

Since I saw Zero Dark Thirty with Sean, it was his turn to see Safe Haven with me. I really enjoyed the movie! After reading the book, I was excited to see how it would play out on the screen. Of course it wasn’t as good as the book, but for the most part it really did a good job capturing the visions I had while reading. If I can, I ALWAYS read the book before seeing the movie. To me, it’s so much more exciting to see what you envisioned come to life. I loved Julianne as Katie.


I finished the weekend off with church, errands, and getting ready for the week ahead. And enjoyed some homemade pizza and wine.

Have a great Monday! Are you a book or movie first person?


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