Friday Routine

It’s FRIDAY peeps! I know a few weeks back I mentioned I want to try to enjoy little things throughout the week and not simply wait for the weekend; which I am trying to be better at, but I just love Friday’s. The funny thing is I don’t do anything exciting. I’ve actually had quite the little routine going for the past oh I don’t know…4 Friday’s in a row?

Lately, my boss has been letting me go early on Friday’s since we work so many events/overtime throughout the rest of the week or weekend work. As soon as she tells me to leave I hit up Starbuck’s and then the mall.

It’s nice to decompress from the week by myself with coffee and pretty clothes to look at. Usually, I don’t end up buying much. I know I could do this pretty much any day of the week, but I love knowing the week is behind me and I don’t have to do any prepping for the next work day, I can just relax! That’s probably such a lame Friday for most people my age, but I don’t care. Winking smile


As much as I love that routine, I’m switching it up this Friday and going to visit my sister in her new place for the first time! I’m so excited to check it out and see what her life has been like for the past week in her new home.

Do you have a Friday routine? Is it as lame as mine?


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