Mindless Monday

Good morning! Who else is dragging this morning? I feel like I’m going to need lots of coffee today. This week is going to be a crazy one for me at work…we have a big event happening tomorrow and I  believe a 16 hour work day is in my near future. Yes, much coffee will be needed indeed. At least The Bachelor is on tonight? I felt kind of bad for Kacie B last week, but at the same time she made absolutely NO sense when she brought up other girls to Sean. COME ON! She should know that is a huge no-no. Who else has been watching? Do you have any favorites yet? I loved the date at six flags (I can’t remember her name, but she is becoming a favorite) I also like Selma. Definitely not into Tierra, my feelings could change after tonight’s episode though, we will see. Let me know your thoughts!

Some scenes from my weekend:


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