Highlights of the Week

Good morning and happy Friday!

Everyone at work has been hacking away and staying home sick lately. So yesterday when I was feeling exhausted all day I knew I should get to sleep early so I did just that.  I drank tea and read some of my new reading material and called it an early night. Well, an earlier night than usual. I get so excited when I go to bed really early, is that strange?

I’m always happy when Friday comes around, but this week has actually been a great week for several reasons. I’m going to try to make a point to enjoy the little things throughout the work week instead of always longing for free time on the weekends.

Here are the little things I enjoyed this week:

1. I finally got a pedicure that I’ve been meaning to get for about 8 months now. I need to partake in this luxury more often. I can’t help but smile when I see my smooth professionally manicured feet.

2. I baked blondies which made some work friends happy.

3.  Attended a Magic game with my sister…and we won!

4. Made 2 trips to Starbuck’s and paid for my drinks with a gift card.

5. Stocked up on work snacks.

6. A cold front is coming through!

7. Anticipating a weekend away with Sean! It’s only about 30 minutes away from my house, but supposedly it’s a really magical place so I’m pumped to spend the weekend there! Winking smile

What have been the highlights of your week?


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