WIOW- Apps

Work it out Wednesday has been missing the past few weeks. Thankfully, my work outs have not! I’m trying to bring back some more variety and intensity to my workouts (as silly as that sounds). I feel like after I completed my half marathon I was kind of, “eh” about my work outs. I still did them, but never finished feeling great so I’m trying to bring that back!

This Monday I worked out with my Nike Training Club App. My sister introduced me to it and I really like it! It has 3 different categories: GET LEAN, GET TONED, and GET STRONG. It then breaks down into subcategories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Once you have selected that it brings up a list of work outs to select ranging from about 15-45 minutes. Once you start the work out it speaks to you and tells you what exercise to complete and when the 30 seconds is up of lunges or whatever it may be, it tells you to move on to squats. The app also includes videos on how to do the exercises in case they are new to you.

Monday I did 30 minutes from the beginner GET TONED section and my legs are sooooore! I really like the app. It has great variety of tough workouts.

The other two apps I occasionally use related to fitness are RunKepper and My Fitness Pal. RunKeeper is awesome because it tracks your distance and pace without having to buy a an expensive Garmin, and you can listen to your music and everything. I’ve had a few mishaps with the GPS when it had me running 5 minute miles. UH, yeah right! That hasn’t happened often though. The only reason I don’t use it on every run is because I get nervous having my phone with me. I need to invest in an armband.

My Fitness Pal tracks your calories, given you input all the food you consume. I like using this when I feel like it’s time to be strict and eat healthy, but that usually only lasts a few days. It’s easy to get lazy with this app since you have to input everything for it to be accurate. If you think I’m entering every almond you’re crazy.

I think all of these apps were introduced to me by others. I’m kinda out of the app loop and the loop in general. That is what Kristin is for.

So tell me, what fitness apps am I missing out on?!


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