Feeling Nostalgic

Can I just complain for a minute about how there is not enough time in the day? I never really understood when people said that, but now I can relate more than ever…and I am sure one day when I have more/bigger responsibilities I’ll laugh at how ridiculous I sound right now. At least I can admit that, right? Sure! Basically I just want more time in the day to watch TV shows I like (it’s stressing me out how behind on Revenge and Real Housewives of Beverley Hills I am), read magazines/books/blogs, pin, etc., but who the heck doesn’t?


This weekend I did have time to get together with my old roomie! We were roommates in our sorority house, Kappa Delta, for our junior and senior years of college.  It was so great to see her and made me really miss the days we used to hang out and laugh every single day. She is off working hard in law school now and I am so proud of her! I was always impressed by her dedication to school and her study habits throughout college. I was studious too, but Paige was on another level Winking smile. Can’t wait until we are reunited again!

We met by UCF, which isn’t far from where I am now, but I haven’t been on that side of town much since I graduated. I felt so nostalgic being in that area and my college days came right back to me. It was my second home for 4 years and although I really haven’t been gone that long yet, I really miss! And all the friends that surrounded the area. Growing up is tough.

When is the last time you felt nostalgic? OH, and thoughts on The Bachelor?


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