Welcome Back, Chris Harrison

This weekend came so fast with only a 3 day work week last week. It was a good one, but it also went by too fast. Isn’t that always the case with weekends? Not long enough. I think I’d be more productive at work if it wasn’t a full 5 days long. Anyone else with me on this? When I don’t have much time to do things, but I need to get them done, I can always make it happen. But if I have a week or two I am lazy about it and sometimes it totally falls off my radar. Basically, 3 day work week = more productive and beneficial for everyone Smile I’ll be sure to let you know when I make this happen.

My weekend was spent watching Pretty Little Liars (seriously how to teen girls watch this…creepy!!), visiting Sean, seeing This is 40, forgetting my wallet at the movies (how do I do these things?), church, a run, and that’s pretty much it. Always exciting stuff happening around here.

The highlight had to be hanging with these crazy cuties.

Now for some serious talk… What did you all think of the Bachelor? How awkward was that first encounter with Sean & Arie?! The first episode I always find kind of boring, but I tuned in for a bit and I definitely can already pick out who my favorites of the season will be. Ahhh, welcome back to my life Chris Harrison.


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