Christmas 2012


Well, well…another Christmas already over. I always find myself getting post holiday blues and I know I’m not alone. I’ve said this before, but I just LOVE the Christmas season and I always feel sad when it comes to an end. Even though it is still the holiday season until the New Year, once Christmas day is over my heart breaks just a little bit. I am thankful that the Christmas season basically starts after Thanksgiving so we can all make the most out of it for a solid month with Starbucks red cups, Christmas music, cookies galore, and never ending trips to the mall. I’m not ready to let it go!!! I definitely should let the cookie eating go, though. Can’t. Stop. So. Good.


Anyway, my Christmas was wonderful!! Since my family moved from PA to Florida, where the majority of our extended family resides, we have had low key Christmases without much travel, which is fine in my book. The past 4 years have gone like this: Christmas Eve mass followed by Christmas Eve dinner at our house with grandparents and cousins, Christmas morning with my mom, dad, and sister, Christmas day with the same relatives only at their house, and Christmas night with Sean. It’s simple and perfect with lots of food and family, what more could you want?





Do you have the same Christmas traditions or are you always doing something new?


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