Looking Back on 2012

Last year around this time I whipped out my planner and actually wrote down some goals for 2012. It was the first year I decide to write them down, and now 1 year later, I’m taking a look back at my planner to see how I did.  When I started to look through my planner it felt so strange to flip through my entire year within a few minutes. Seeing the different to-do lists and places I went, it feel like I was just writing it yesterday, rather than months ago. It’s crazy how fast it went, but 2012 was good to me!

Best of 2012: I started this blog (which I hope to spend more time on and perfect in 2013!), I ran my first 10k and half marathon, graduated from UCF, turned 22, went on a cruise with two of my best friends, took a trip to Savannah with Sean to celebrate 3 years, and started my first full-time job hunt and ended up as a full-time {professional} intern at an exciting company. Those are the big things that jump out at me from the year.

The 2012 goals I wrote down were:

Do more yoga/stretching that was easy since I hardly did any to begin with

Go to church regularly

Drink 2 sodas a week max I stopped keeping track, but I think I followed this most weeks

Read more books I need to put a number on this next time around

Train for a half marathon

Start a blog

volunteer at least twice

Not too bad I guess! I plan on doing the same thing this year. I like having them written down in my planner because I could look back at the goals every once in a while as a reminder. In years past I would pretty much just think about what I wanted to accomplish, but it’s easy to not think about that much past January when you don’t have them somewhere you can see. At least for me it was easy to forget Embarrassed smile.

Today is my first day back at the internship since last Friday! Since it is a holiday, I only have to go in to work an event and then I’m off again until Wednesday. I’m actually ready to go back, it’s been a great break and I’ve been able to catch up on some things that I have been meaning to do, but now I’m ready for some routine and to use my new lunchbox! Yes, I got a lunchbox for Christmas.

Happy New Years Eve to all and have fun ringing in the new year, whether it’s out on the town or with a good book. I’ve always found New Years Eve to be overrated, but I do like champagne and clothes that sparkle. Winking smile


Christmas 2012


Well, well…another Christmas already over. I always find myself getting post holiday blues and I know I’m not alone. I’ve said this before, but I just LOVE the Christmas season and I always feel sad when it comes to an end. Even though it is still the holiday season until the New Year, once Christmas day is over my heart breaks just a little bit. I am thankful that the Christmas season basically starts after Thanksgiving so we can all make the most out of it for a solid month with Starbucks red cups, Christmas music, cookies galore, and never ending trips to the mall. I’m not ready to let it go!!! I definitely should let the cookie eating go, though. Can’t. Stop. So. Good.


Anyway, my Christmas was wonderful!! Since my family moved from PA to Florida, where the majority of our extended family resides, we have had low key Christmases without much travel, which is fine in my book. The past 4 years have gone like this: Christmas Eve mass followed by Christmas Eve dinner at our house with grandparents and cousins, Christmas morning with my mom, dad, and sister, Christmas day with the same relatives only at their house, and Christmas night with Sean. It’s simple and perfect with lots of food and family, what more could you want?





Do you have the same Christmas traditions or are you always doing something new?

Happy Bellies

Good Morning! How is everyone doing this morning? Yesterday I felt like I never woke up all day so I’m hoping that will not be the case today. I have an event this evening at work and that usually gets my energy going or extra cups of coffee ;). I’m finally recovering from the half-marathon, it isn’t painful to walk from point A to point B anymore so that is a good thing. This morning I plan to try out a new form of exercise!! Well, not new, but I haven’t done it in years, swimming! I used to be on the swim team in high school and it is a great form of exercise. I really don’t know why I stayed away so long, but my sister has persuaded me to go with her and it is happening– sexy swim suit, cap, and goggles here I come!


A few weekends ago Sean and I took a short trip to Tampa. My sister had passes to Busch Gardens so we figured we would put them to use. We arrived Saturday late afternoon and headed downtown Ybor to walk around and find our restaurant. Sean let me know before we even left for the trip that we were going to be eating at The Colombia Restaurant. It was nice to already know where we were going and not have to think about it. We ate at the same restaurant in St. Augustine and Sean and I both loved it. It’s a Spanish restaurant with an extensive menu (it took us way too long to decide what to eat) and great atmosphere. I’m pretty sure the main reason Sean loves it though is because of its history. Many of the early famous Yankee players used to frequent the restaurant, they have always had training in Tampa. I finally decided on a shrimp dish with sausage, rice, potatoes, and sautéed onions and peppers. It was all covered in a delicious sauce. I can’t remember the exact name of the dish or the sauce, but it was YUM and rich.



It may not look pretty, but it tasted sooo good

We were stuffed, but we noticed a frozen yogurt place and we are not going to NOT stop. I’m so glad we did. I was overwhelmed with toppings and flavors AND “bottomings.” They had brownies, cookies, pound cake, etc. to load up on the bottom of your cup. Needless to say we went to bed with happy fully bellies. We spent the next day at Busch Gardens checking out the animals and riding a few rides. Sean is like a little kid in a candy store at the zoo. 🙂



When is the last time you visited a zoo?

Mindless Monday

I made it through my first half marathon this weekend–woohoo! Other than running 13.1 miles I pretty much sat on my butt, ate, drank, baked, and complained about how sore I was {still am}. Yep, that just about sums it up. How was your weekend?



Isn’t that a sad sight? An empty shelf where the white chocolate covered Oreo’s are supposed to be. It was December 1st!! Unacceptable. My family always decorates the tree while enjoying some of those Oreo’s.

Do you have any tree decorating traditions?