Happy hump day!! And WIOW. Today I took it pretty easy and just did a quick yoga video when I got home from work. I am trying to take it easy this week since the half marathon is Saturday!! Dun, dun, dun…I’m excited and nervous.

The training actually went better than I thought. I remember back when I first decided I was going to run it and completed a 6 mile run that felt IMPOSSIBLE. That run was definitely the most difficult out of all my “longer” runs. It had to have been the heat that day, and I am thankful that each Saturday long run the weather was basically perfect. I know that aided me in those runs.  The longest run I have completed is just about 10 miles which I did 3 weekends in a row. My sister and I were able to complete the majority of these runs together so it was also nice having a running buddy by my side.




The hardest part about the longer runs was just my legs being tired. I’ve come to tell myself that yes, your legs are tired and ache a little bit, but it won’t get much worse AND you get to eat whatever you want once you finish. That’ll definitely get me to finish it out :). I also like to think about the miles I have left to run, instead of the ones I already ran. For example, it feels better to think to myself, “now I’m just going for a 6 mile run” rather than, “oh my gosh I’ve only ran 4 miles.” I guess I’m learning the mental part of running longer distances is a big component. I would like to point out that I don’t really push myself to go fast and always take the runs at a slow pace. My only goal for this race is to run the whole time!

How was your work out today? What things do you think about to keep you motivated during your runs? I’ll be sure to update once the race is over!


Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays in my book. I’ve noticed I have come to appreciate it more as I have gotten older. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate all the food and sometimes found the day to be “boring.” Even though the Thanksgivings in this household have been exactly the same since I can remember, I have come to embrace the low-key and relaxed holiday. We usually start out watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, while smelling the delicious food my mom has going in the kitchen. It’s pretty sad that I still don’t know some of her recipes. I need to get on that! I did, however make the pumpkin pies this year and they came out great if I do say so myself. Anyway, this year I missed out on the Thanksgiving day parade because I was volunteering with my sister (monitoring a bounce house full of crazy kids). Around mid afternoon my grandparents come over and drinks start to get poured and the table begins to be set. Then we dig in, lay around, make coffee, eat pie. Maybe throw a trip to the movies in there. That would be our Thanksgiving in a nutshell. I really can’t imagine it being any different.

should have gotten a picture before, it was a pretty bird

The thing I love most about Thanksgiving is that it kicks off the holiday season. I’m one of the many in this world that annoyingly  loves Christmas lights, scarves, peppermint mocha’s, santa, christmas music, and the list goes on. I’m always a happy girl during this time of year. There is one thing that I’m a little bit less than thrilled about this Christmas season. Having a full-time internship/job. You mean to tell me I am getting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off and that is IT? I’m so used to the full-time student schedule that not having a month off this year is going to be, well…depressing. Maybe it won’t be as rough as I think? 😉

What are your Thanksgiving day traditions? Do you still have leftovers? Ours were gone within two days, I guess that’s a good thing!

Happy Holiday season, friends!


Mindless Monday

Good morning! Did everyone have a nice holiday weekend? I know I definitely did. I have been incredibly busy lately (but who hasn’t?) and it was so nice to have SIX days off in a row. It was much-needed. I was able to visit with friends and family, clean and organize, bake, run, eat a (multiple) delicious meal(s), and most of all be lazy. I really need those lazy days and time to myself to mentally reenergize. I’m feeling very refreshed this Monday morning, I hope you are too!

Have a great week!