A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 2

Happy Friday!! Are you doing anything to celebrate the weekend? It’s supposed to be a rainy weekend here, which is always a bummer. Maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to be extra lazy and bake pumpkiny-halloweenie goodness.

Ready for Part 2 of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? Anyone else remember that book? That is a classic! Anyway, locking my keys in the car before heading to Savannah last Friday was not the last mishap of the day. A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 1.

We got to our hotel around 9pm and were going to check out the scene and find somewhere to grab a drink. We began to unload our things, “WHERE IS MY PURSE?” I tear apart Sean’s car and my purse is nowhere in sight. We begin to trace our steps, we had a pit stop at Starbucks and Subway. We realize it HAS to be at Subway. How in the hell did I leave my purse in a Subway?

I would like to say that I was calm and collected, but at this point I was a hot mess to say the least. I didn’t have a working phone and now I didn’t have my purse, wallet, ID, planner, etc. Poor Sean, ohmygoshh. We were about an hour and half away from the Subway we stopped at. I frantically called my parents wondering if I should cancel my cards, etc. My dad asks me, “How the hell can you drive an hour and half and not realize you don’t have your purse?” Good freaking question. Sean realizes we should find our Subway receipt and call them. Do they have a working phone? Of course not. We decide to just go to sleep and figure it out in the morning because it was getting late and we both just needed to sleep.

Thank GOD that day was over. We wake up early and call Subway first thing, still not a working number. I’m pretty sure their employees left the phone off the hook. We decide we just had to drive back to that Subway whether we really knew if my purse was there or not. I was SO anxious the entire drive and when we finally made it the employee said, “I haven’t seen anything.” I was devastated and just about ready to burst into tears again. I asked her to please look around and call the girls that were working the night before. She kindly called them and I hear her say into the receiver, “You have it?!”AHHH THE GIRL HAD MY PURSE! SHE WAS ON HER WAY TO SUBWAY! I guess she had tried calling the number on my business card, which of course was my work phone and I was nowhere near work. Every last thing was still in my purse from the 3 dollar bills to my camera. It was a huge relief and I can’t thank that kind Subway employee enough for saving me from an even bigger headache.

I hugged my purse and we were back on the road to finally really start our weekend vacation. As soon as we were out of the car we immediately had a celebratory drink and were able to relax and have a great remainder of the trip.

I couldn’t believe all that had happened in one day. All of it boiled down to my carelessness and forgetfulness and I definitely learned many lessons. I’m lucky Sean was still willing to date me after all that. I had a lot of good reminders that day: don’t take things for granted, material things will come and go, and appreciate the people who are there for you without question.

Does anyone have a similar story to share?


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