Did anyone catch New Girl last night? Seriously cracks me up every.single.time. If you are not watching I highly suggest you start! Each character is awesome, I’m really not sure who my favorite is. I wonder if Jess and Nick will ever actually get together or if their romantic relationship will just be one of those you always hope for. Kind of like Luke and Lorelai, man I miss Gilmore Girls.


Anyway, it’s mid week…how is everyone doing on the work out front? I’ve had a few great work outs this week and a few that were just kind of eh.  Whenever I have work outs that don’t feel all that great I just tell myself at least I worked out, right? Sure!

This morning I did Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. It’s only a 20 minute DVD, but it always gets me sweating pretty good. It’s a great combination of strength and cardio. Remember last WIOW I was all pumped to finally do some strength training? Boy was it obvious I hadn’t done any of that nonsense in a while. I was SO sore for the rest of the week. I need to make a point to always add some strength into my routines so I don’t totally lose it. I used to always incorporate strength into my work outs over the summer, I’ve seriously been slacking. Once my half marathon is complete I hope to focus more on strength training than I have been.

Speaking of my half marathon, training has been going well so far! Saturday I ran 8 miles, which was my longest run yet, and it really did not feel too bad! We have been lucky with the weather here and I know that has made a huge difference during the longer runs. It was one of those days where you actually have the urge to go for a run because of the beautiful weather. Obviously, when it’s hot and humid running is about 100 times more difficult, so I was thankful for that. The one thing I know I need to be better about is stretching. My calves are always so tight!

How have your work outs been this week? Any tips on dealing with tight calves?


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