A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 1

You know those days where nothing seems to go your way? Usually, it’s just one thing that sets you off and you say to yourself, “it’s gonna be one of those days” I’ve come to the conclusion that as soon as you say that to yourself, it will be. That was my day a few Friday’s ago.

Let’s see…I think the thing that started off the day on the wrong foot was realizing I forgot my lunch. It’s not a big deal, but it’s always annoying when you spend precious time making your lunch and then end up having to go out and purchase something because of forgetfulness. Lesson: make notes to remember your lunch or put lunch with keys.

Once I was over the fact that I forgot my lunch, I headed into the gym for a morning workout. I always bring my iPhone along to listen to music and catch up on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever. After I completed my time on the StairMaster I took my phone out of the cell phone cubby-thingy on the machine and it was soaking wet. Great. I dried it off with my shirt, took it out if its case, blew dry it in the bathroom, and nothing would happen. It was just vibrating with a black screen. WHY ME? I dropped it off at “UBREAKIFIX” and left it there for the weekend. Don’t let their company name deceive you, my phone was not fixable. I was heading to Savannah the same day so my Dad was nice enough to lend me his extra phone so I didn’t have to travel without one. I’ve been without a phone a few times before and I always realize how dependant I am on it. It is kind of nice to be without one sometimes, it takes away so much distraction ya know?  But then I realize I need to communicate with people on a daily basis and find my way around. Lesson: If you think your self phone is resting in a dry area, you could be wrong, always check, especially if you are on a work out machine.

Finally, the work day was over and I was on my way to Sean’s house so we could head to Savannah before midnight. Once I got to his house, I get my things out and load them in his car, and then I lock up my car. Yep, my keys were in there. Thankfully, all of my things for our trip were already out, and his parents were nice enough to call AAA and get it taken care of for me. Lesson: Lock car with keys in hand OUTSIDE of car. And have AAA.

I thought that was enough problems caused by my dumb ass in one day, but boy was I wrong. I still had some more sillyness up my sleeve. Stay tuned!


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