Who is pumped for their work out today?

Luckily, mine is already done. It’s tough getting up early but I LOVE getting my work out done for the day. It just puts me in a good mood and I feel like I have that much more time to do other things once I am home from work.

This morning I completed some strength training in the form of Self Magazine tear out cards. I love when magazines have those easy tear out pages with work outs that have pictures and descriptions, but I rarely actually save them and it is even more rare I actually try it out once it is saved. I’ve really been slacking in the strength training area, so I was happy to have it saved. Let me just say that it wasn’t easy. Geez, it’s easy to fall behind with weights if you don’t keep up with it.

Lately I’ve been focusing on running and training for the half marathon at the beginning of December (longest run yet was completed this weekend!). Unfortunately, I have neglected any form of exercise other than cardio for quite some time. I wanted to make it a goal to get some in this week so I’m glad I got a quick session in this AM.

What is a goal you achieved this week? Or hope to achieve?


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