A Visit to Savannah

Last weekend my boyfriend, Sean, and I took a short trip to Savannah, GA. Neither of us had been and we were excited to see a new city and have a weekend to ourselves. It was about a 4 hour drive, not bad at all.

The weather was beautiful which we were more than pumped about. The weather never seems to cooperate with us, so we were thankful for that.  The trip pretty much consisted of walking and eating. Hey, at least it wasn’t eating and sitting.

We stayed at the Marriott right on River Street, a touristy street with shops, restaurants, and bars. Once we arrived at the hotel we parked and didn’t have to get back in the car once while we were there. I really loved River Street, it was always busy with visitors as well as locals. I could have sat there and people watched for hours. I think it was also extra busy that weekend because Octoberfest was taking place. All along the river they had tents set up with food vendors, art vendors, and live music. It was a great weekend to be in town!

Once we made it past River Street and more into the city, we tried to see as many of the city squares and historic sites as possible. It was fun to just walk around and take in the new sights.

The only issue we ran into was where to eat. The challenge when you have a weekend trip is fitting in all the restaurants you want to try. Should we have two lunches and two dinners? Appetizer one place and dessert at another? You see, this can turn into a HUGE problem. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) my iPhone was not in working order so we couldn’t use Yelp to see all the top choices. If we walked by a place that looked good and we were hungry, we went for it. We wanted to try Paula Deen’s restaurant, but the wait was ridiculous and we didn’t have that kind of time. Ah well, next time!

We had a few bumps along the way (more on that later), but all in all it was a great trip! Having busy schedules and living an hour apart, it’s not often Sean and I get to spend an entire weekend together, it was a nice treat!

Where is the last place you visited?


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