Prickly Pear

This past Friday, Sean and I tried out a new restaurant in downtown Orlando, The Prickly Pear. Isn’t the name fun? The place is just as fun! It was a nice atmosphere and we agreed it would be a good happy hour spot. The food was fantastic and we had some gift cards from my sister, pretty sweet deal! Orlando has a “Magical Dining Month” where they feature a bunch of popular restaurants throughout the month of September and offer deals on certain menu items.

The menu at Prickly Pear was awesome, I didn’t know what I wanted to order. This isn’t new though, it always takes me forever to decide even if I’m at Subway. But when it’s a new to me restaurant and everything on the menu looks delicious, it’s gonna be a while. The fact that they had a select “Magical Dining” menu that our gift cards were for helped narrow down the selection, which was a good thing for the both of us. The special menu still had a great selection, and we each got 3 courses!

I started out with a Chile Relleno. It was huge, cheesy, and saucy. I tried not to eat it all because I knew I wouldn’t have room for my next courses. Sean ordered shrimp & mini corn pancakes. We loved them both.

For our entrees I ordered a pork tenderloin that was cooked perfectly, maybe the best pork I have ever had, although I rarely order that out. It came with sweet potatoes and asparagus. Sean ordered duck (first time for both of us) with a pear marmalade.

I think our desserts stole the show. Smores and chocolate fritters with ice cream!!!!! I love smores and I really hadn’t had any this summer. I was so happy to see them on the menu. Graham cracker, brownie piece, and a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Yes, please.

We rolled into the car and agreed it was a fun night with some incredible food. We love trying new restaurants and would definitely go back. Thanks SIS!

Did you eat anywhere new this weekend?



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