WIOW- Happy Halloween!

It’s work it out Wednesday, but I’m going to be honest…it most likely isn’t going to be a healthy day over here. We are going to have SOOO many sweets and candy at work today. I know because I was in charge of purchasing the goods. It’s going to be dangerous to say the least. Maybe I will get a quick work out session in today, but I have a crazy week and I may just need a rest day. What better day to rest when you are going to be eating like crap? Yeah, I guess that isn’t the best idea, but I promise I’ll make up for it and be really good the rest of the week!! You can too 🙂

What was your favorite Halloween costume?

I think mine may have to be when I was a sunflower. Probably because we have the best pictures from that costume.


Mindless Monday

Happy Monday!! Why oh why do Monday’s sneak up on ya so quickly? At least this week should be a bit exciting with Halloween and all. We are doing some fun things at work so it should be a good time. I don’t think I will dress up this year (womp, womp), but I’m excited to see some costumes! I will, however, eat candy. Oh wait, I’ve already been doing that. It’s hard to say no when there is so much of it right in front of your face wherever you go. Ah well, it is Halloween time so let’s enjoy a piece or 50. 😉

Make this week a great one!


A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 2

Happy Friday!! Are you doing anything to celebrate the weekend? It’s supposed to be a rainy weekend here, which is always a bummer. Maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to be extra lazy and bake pumpkiny-halloweenie goodness.

Ready for Part 2 of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? Anyone else remember that book? That is a classic! Anyway, locking my keys in the car before heading to Savannah last Friday was not the last mishap of the day. A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 1.

We got to our hotel around 9pm and were going to check out the scene and find somewhere to grab a drink. We began to unload our things, “WHERE IS MY PURSE?” I tear apart Sean’s car and my purse is nowhere in sight. We begin to trace our steps, we had a pit stop at Starbucks and Subway. We realize it HAS to be at Subway. How in the hell did I leave my purse in a Subway?

I would like to say that I was calm and collected, but at this point I was a hot mess to say the least. I didn’t have a working phone and now I didn’t have my purse, wallet, ID, planner, etc. Poor Sean, ohmygoshh. We were about an hour and half away from the Subway we stopped at. I frantically called my parents wondering if I should cancel my cards, etc. My dad asks me, “How the hell can you drive an hour and half and not realize you don’t have your purse?” Good freaking question. Sean realizes we should find our Subway receipt and call them. Do they have a working phone? Of course not. We decide to just go to sleep and figure it out in the morning because it was getting late and we both just needed to sleep.

Thank GOD that day was over. We wake up early and call Subway first thing, still not a working number. I’m pretty sure their employees left the phone off the hook. We decide we just had to drive back to that Subway whether we really knew if my purse was there or not. I was SO anxious the entire drive and when we finally made it the employee said, “I haven’t seen anything.” I was devastated and just about ready to burst into tears again. I asked her to please look around and call the girls that were working the night before. She kindly called them and I hear her say into the receiver, “You have it?!”AHHH THE GIRL HAD MY PURSE! SHE WAS ON HER WAY TO SUBWAY! I guess she had tried calling the number on my business card, which of course was my work phone and I was nowhere near work. Every last thing was still in my purse from the 3 dollar bills to my camera. It was a huge relief and I can’t thank that kind Subway employee enough for saving me from an even bigger headache.

I hugged my purse and we were back on the road to finally really start our weekend vacation. As soon as we were out of the car we immediately had a celebratory drink and were able to relax and have a great remainder of the trip.

I couldn’t believe all that had happened in one day. All of it boiled down to my carelessness and forgetfulness and I definitely learned many lessons. I’m lucky Sean was still willing to date me after all that. I had a lot of good reminders that day: don’t take things for granted, material things will come and go, and appreciate the people who are there for you without question.

Does anyone have a similar story to share?


Did anyone catch New Girl last night? Seriously cracks me up every.single.time. If you are not watching I highly suggest you start! Each character is awesome, I’m really not sure who my favorite is. I wonder if Jess and Nick will ever actually get together or if their romantic relationship will just be one of those you always hope for. Kind of like Luke and Lorelai, man I miss Gilmore Girls.


Anyway, it’s mid week…how is everyone doing on the work out front? I’ve had a few great work outs this week and a few that were just kind of eh.  Whenever I have work outs that don’t feel all that great I just tell myself at least I worked out, right? Sure!

This morning I did Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. It’s only a 20 minute DVD, but it always gets me sweating pretty good. It’s a great combination of strength and cardio. Remember last WIOW I was all pumped to finally do some strength training? Boy was it obvious I hadn’t done any of that nonsense in a while. I was SO sore for the rest of the week. I need to make a point to always add some strength into my routines so I don’t totally lose it. I used to always incorporate strength into my work outs over the summer, I’ve seriously been slacking. Once my half marathon is complete I hope to focus more on strength training than I have been.

Speaking of my half marathon, training has been going well so far! Saturday I ran 8 miles, which was my longest run yet, and it really did not feel too bad! We have been lucky with the weather here and I know that has made a huge difference during the longer runs. It was one of those days where you actually have the urge to go for a run because of the beautiful weather. Obviously, when it’s hot and humid running is about 100 times more difficult, so I was thankful for that. The one thing I know I need to be better about is stretching. My calves are always so tight!

How have your work outs been this week? Any tips on dealing with tight calves?

A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 1

You know those days where nothing seems to go your way? Usually, it’s just one thing that sets you off and you say to yourself, “it’s gonna be one of those days” I’ve come to the conclusion that as soon as you say that to yourself, it will be. That was my day a few Friday’s ago.

Let’s see…I think the thing that started off the day on the wrong foot was realizing I forgot my lunch. It’s not a big deal, but it’s always annoying when you spend precious time making your lunch and then end up having to go out and purchase something because of forgetfulness. Lesson: make notes to remember your lunch or put lunch with keys.

Once I was over the fact that I forgot my lunch, I headed into the gym for a morning workout. I always bring my iPhone along to listen to music and catch up on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever. After I completed my time on the StairMaster I took my phone out of the cell phone cubby-thingy on the machine and it was soaking wet. Great. I dried it off with my shirt, took it out if its case, blew dry it in the bathroom, and nothing would happen. It was just vibrating with a black screen. WHY ME? I dropped it off at “UBREAKIFIX” and left it there for the weekend. Don’t let their company name deceive you, my phone was not fixable. I was heading to Savannah the same day so my Dad was nice enough to lend me his extra phone so I didn’t have to travel without one. I’ve been without a phone a few times before and I always realize how dependant I am on it. It is kind of nice to be without one sometimes, it takes away so much distraction ya know?  But then I realize I need to communicate with people on a daily basis and find my way around. Lesson: If you think your self phone is resting in a dry area, you could be wrong, always check, especially if you are on a work out machine.

Finally, the work day was over and I was on my way to Sean’s house so we could head to Savannah before midnight. Once I got to his house, I get my things out and load them in his car, and then I lock up my car. Yep, my keys were in there. Thankfully, all of my things for our trip were already out, and his parents were nice enough to call AAA and get it taken care of for me. Lesson: Lock car with keys in hand OUTSIDE of car. And have AAA.

I thought that was enough problems caused by my dumb ass in one day, but boy was I wrong. I still had some more sillyness up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

Mindless Monday

If you live in Orlando you are probably still riding the good-weather-weekend high. The highs aren’t in the 90s? WHAT!? It was a beautiful thing. Automatically puts people here in a good mood, and makes for a great weekend. Please nice hair-friendly weather, won’t you stay a while?

Yes, I did a lot of eating this weekend.


Who is pumped for their work out today?

Luckily, mine is already done. It’s tough getting up early but I LOVE getting my work out done for the day. It just puts me in a good mood and I feel like I have that much more time to do other things once I am home from work.

This morning I completed some strength training in the form of Self Magazine tear out cards. I love when magazines have those easy tear out pages with work outs that have pictures and descriptions, but I rarely actually save them and it is even more rare I actually try it out once it is saved. I’ve really been slacking in the strength training area, so I was happy to have it saved. Let me just say that it wasn’t easy. Geez, it’s easy to fall behind with weights if you don’t keep up with it.

Lately I’ve been focusing on running and training for the half marathon at the beginning of December (longest run yet was completed this weekend!). Unfortunately, I have neglected any form of exercise other than cardio for quite some time. I wanted to make it a goal to get some in this week so I’m glad I got a quick session in this AM.

What is a goal you achieved this week? Or hope to achieve?

A Visit to Savannah

Last weekend my boyfriend, Sean, and I took a short trip to Savannah, GA. Neither of us had been and we were excited to see a new city and have a weekend to ourselves. It was about a 4 hour drive, not bad at all.

The weather was beautiful which we were more than pumped about. The weather never seems to cooperate with us, so we were thankful for that.  The trip pretty much consisted of walking and eating. Hey, at least it wasn’t eating and sitting.

We stayed at the Marriott right on River Street, a touristy street with shops, restaurants, and bars. Once we arrived at the hotel we parked and didn’t have to get back in the car once while we were there. I really loved River Street, it was always busy with visitors as well as locals. I could have sat there and people watched for hours. I think it was also extra busy that weekend because Octoberfest was taking place. All along the river they had tents set up with food vendors, art vendors, and live music. It was a great weekend to be in town!

Once we made it past River Street and more into the city, we tried to see as many of the city squares and historic sites as possible. It was fun to just walk around and take in the new sights.

The only issue we ran into was where to eat. The challenge when you have a weekend trip is fitting in all the restaurants you want to try. Should we have two lunches and two dinners? Appetizer one place and dessert at another? You see, this can turn into a HUGE problem. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) my iPhone was not in working order so we couldn’t use Yelp to see all the top choices. If we walked by a place that looked good and we were hungry, we went for it. We wanted to try Paula Deen’s restaurant, but the wait was ridiculous and we didn’t have that kind of time. Ah well, next time!

We had a few bumps along the way (more on that later), but all in all it was a great trip! Having busy schedules and living an hour apart, it’s not often Sean and I get to spend an entire weekend together, it was a nice treat!

Where is the last place you visited?

Mindless Monday

This weekend is exactly what I needed. I’ve been going nonstop lately and felt like I didn’t even have a minute to breathe. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I seriously needed some time to myself. The sun was shining and the humidity was gone.  I spent a lot of time outside reading, running, and shopping. And I got a good amount of things done around the house I have been meaning to do. I feel so rested and ready for the week. Bring it on, Monday!

How was your weekend?


I know it’s work it out Wednesday, but I have to admit I did not work out today. Rest days are important is what I’m reminding myself of today!

Last week I mentioned my new work out goal: to participate in a half marathon race. Well, Sunday I officially signed up for one! I was all excited and right after I registered my sister and I went on a 6 mile run to kick-start our training. Let’s just say I wasn’t as excited in the middle of that run. It was not easy. I just kept thinking how am I going to run more than double this amount?

I know I just need to stick with it and train and I will be so happy when I am able to complete 13.1 miles! I also started doing some research on different half marathon training plans. I posted some below that I liked the best and I think I’m going to kind of use all of these as a template to create the perfect training schedule that works for me. Thank you Pinterest and Google, my BFFs!


My sister used the Hal Higdon training program and said it was a popular one. Which plan do you like? What plan have you used?