How has everyone’s week been going so far? Tomorrow is already Friday! Ever since I started my new job the weeks fly by. I can’t believe I have already been there for a month. I’ve been so busy that I need to remind myself to slow down sometimes. Does anyone else ever feel like this? Ayy yi yi. Anyway, my week has been pretty wonderful so far for a few reasons.

1. Sweets. I’ve had quite a few of them this week. At an event on Monday there was a brownie sundae bar, I bought a bag of candy corn, my mom baked zucchini bread, and I baked blondies. Consuming all those sweets throughout the week probably wasn’t the absolute best decision, but I enjoyed it at the time and it helped this week be wonderful so WHATEVER!

can’t stop eating

2. New TV show premieres. Last night was Modern Family and the night before was New Girl. I love both of these shows so much. If I had to pick which one I liked more I’m not sure I could so please don’t ask me to. I don’t think I have ever watched an episode of New Girl without laughing out loud at least once. Just looking at Schmidt makes me laugh. If you aren’t already watching this show, you totally should be.









3. My boss taking me out for a delicious breakfast this morning. Going out to breakfast before a work day reminded me of being in high school. My dad would sometimes take my sister and I to breakfast and then drop us off at school. It feels like forever ago that we did that, but it was always a great start to the day and a special father and daughter thing. I must remind him of this so we can make it happen again!

4. Tonight I get to meet up with a friend who has been off working for our sorority on a national level. I’m so happy she is back in town for the week and I can’t wait to catch up! Plus, I think we will be getting froyo so it’s a win, win. Catching up with a friend over ice cream, what could be better?

Of course, not everything has been fabulous this week, but I’m trying to focus on the positive.  What is making you smile this week?


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