College Game Days

Last weekend I went to my first UCF game/tailgate of the season.  I still can’t decide if I love tailgates or hate them.  Well, I guess it’s safe to say there are parts I love and parts I can’t stand.  The major thing that is a downer when it comes to tailgates in Orlando is the weather. In my opinion, football needs to be played in temperatures no higher than 70 degrees. Luke warm beer and sweaty faces are not a winning combination. The football season should start based off temperatures not off the calendar. I’m sure there is a way this could be worked out. It’s tough out there, I’m sure it’s almost as difficult for the players too, but not quite. I do love all the excitement on campus and being on campus in general, I miss it!

When it comes to watching the actual game, I never really watch much of it. I try SO hard to, I really do, but somehow my interest always fades. All of the sudden the crowd starts cheering and I realize I have no idea what happened because I was too busy trying to hear what the group in front of me is chatting about, or watching the cheerleaders, or trying to pick out the most wasted person in the crowd. That is where the real entertainment lies.

Anyway, the knights won, whoohooo! And it was a fun day of cheering, complaining, and people watching.

What do you love and hate about going to games?

On a side note, I broke down and bought my first bag of Candy Corn of the season. I held off for a little, but I knew it was going to happen at some point or another. I actually hated candy corn until some amazing  lady introduced me to a seriously delicious combination. Peanuts + candy corn. If you have yet to have this combination, go to the store right now and get the two essential ingredients, mix ‘em up in a bowl and grab a handful. It tastes like a candy bar. You’re welcome.


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