Reliving the Weekend

Nothing was too exciting over here this past weekend. Sometimes that is good though, don’t you agree? I always feel more rested and ready for the week ahead if I’m not go-go-go all weekend long.

this happened more than once, whoops

Friday night I got to meet up with two of my sorority friends. They are younger so they got me up to date on everything that has been going on in the world that used to be mine.  I definitely had my fill of sorority life, but it is still strange being out of the loop after it took up so much of my time in college. I do miss it, sometimes 😉 We met up at Tijuana Flats and I may have eaten 1 or 2 or 50 too many chips. Chips and salsa get me every time. And I looooove Tijuana Flats.

Saturday was glorious.  I went on a long walk with my sister, I swear I can feel it getting A LITTLE cooler in the air, or maybe I am just imagining it because I’m wanting it to be cooler. Whatever, it was a nice walk and the heat wasn’t so bad.

I topped off Saturday night with some Skinnygirl Sangria (it was pretty delicious) and pumpkin fluff (it was beyond delicious).

Sunday I was planning on hitting up the beach with Sean, but the weather was looking nasty, so we opted to see The Campaign instead.  It was a funny movie, but nothing that had me cracking up the entire time or anything crazy. I love Will Ferrell and Anchorman will always be my favorite.

We ate lunch at The Daily Grind, a local burger spot in Port Orange. I’m not a huge burger person, but it was so good! They had your beef burger, turkey burger, chicken burger, and black bean burger and then you could build your toppings from there. I loved that they had a variety of burger choices. Sean ordered a beef burger with cheese, bacon, fried onion rings, chipotle mayo, and sweet potato fries (I obviously helped with the fries). I opted for a slightly healthier option, a turkey burger on a salad with feta cheese and kalamata olives. Why can he eat whatever he wants and not feel gross/bad? Life is just so unfair.

Meet Sean’s crazy and loveable dog Bella:

be still and let me pet you

Do you prefer a weekend jam-packed with activites or would you rather be lazy?


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