Who watched the VMAs this past week? What did you all think? Ah, it just made me love Taylor Swift even more.  I know so many people out there don’t like her for some reason or another, but I just don’t get it. How could you not love T. Swift? She always looks classy, her songs are fun, and she doesn’t care about what people think of her, oh and she’s awkward and tall too. What more could you want in a female entertainer?  I’m pretty sure if we ever got the chance to meet we would be best friends.  You my girl, T.

I also got to see Dwight Howard make an appearance on stage. Why the heck was he included in the VMAs? Maybe I’m just bitter along with the rest of Orlando 😉

I wonder what was more exciting for the fab 5, winning an Olympic gold medal or being all dolled up on stage at the VMAs. That has got to be a pretty awesome moment in a 16 year old girl’s life. They sure are living it up, I’m jealous.

I have a wild night ahead of me so I better get to that. And by wild I mean I am making pumpkin fluff (SO EXCITED) and catching up on some DVR TV. Who am I kidding? The fab 5 should be jealous of me.

Enjoy the weekend!


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