Oops, I Ate Too Much

Is everyone dragging this morning like me? Hey, the good news is it’s only a four-day work week! Aren’t three day weekends just the best for so many reasons? Love ‘em! I got up bright and early this morning for a pre-work work out. It’s always tough getting up super early, but it is SO worth it knowing my work out is checked off for the day. I had some Greek Yog and multigrain Cheerios for breakfast. YUM.


This weekend involved lots of things I love, so I would say it was a great one.

1. I was out of work early Friday and it just so happened that my sister and her friend were too, so off to the mall we went! What else would we do? I was good and only bought one top.

2. I headed downtown with some friends to celebrate the weekend and the end of my first official work week.  Going downtown isn’t something I do too often so I’m glad I went and let my (frizzy) hair down a little bit ;).

3. Saturday was beyond lazy and I loved every minute of it. I complained a lot about how tired I was last week, didn’t I? It was a much needed day of relaxing.

4.  Sunday Sean, my grandparents, and a few aunts and uncles came over to the house for a little get together. I was right, I consumed a lot of food. To be exact I ate: bleu cheese croissant rolls, chicken buffalo dip, a deviled egg, Texas Caviar, salami, a burger, baked beans, corn on the cob, and a pudding parfait, OH and a glass of wine. Yes, I actually ate all that. And yes, I feel disgusted with myself after typing that all out. I’m not good at controlling myself at these types of things, what can I say? Everything always looks so good, and then I try everything and it is so good and I can’t stop. I know I can’t be the only one, someone out there please make me feel less guilty.

5. Monday was a long walk plus pumpkin iced coffee plus tanning and magazine reading plus a nice steak dinner my Madre prepared.

That was my weekend! What did ya do with your extra day?


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