So Long, Summer

So it’s Labor Day weekend and we all know what that means, summer is unofficially over. Womp, womp. To be honest, I was never that upset about the end of summertime.  I’m always SO excited for the start of summer, but by the time it’s over I’ve had enough and I’m ready for my favorite TV shows to start back up again. In case you are feeling a little down about the end of summertime here are a few reasons to stop sulking and get pumped.

Return of TV shows. I CANNOT wait for Revenge, The New Girl, Modern Family, and Gossip Girl. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few. What are your favorites?

hellooo boys

Football/Food/Tailgates. Emphasis on the food and tailgates. I still have a hard time following the actual sport, I don’t know what it is. I’ve had the game explained to me several times, but I always seem to lose interest and forget what “1st down” means. The Buffalo wings, cheese dips, and beer…now THAT can hold my interest.

Pumpkin everything. Sometimes I find myself getting annoyed by just how early pumpkin things start making appearances. How is there pumpkin coffee being advertised when it is 100 degrees outside? Then, I remember I love pumpkin and I will buy a pumpkin latte from Starbucks if they start rolling them out in July.  Pinterest is now exploding with pumpkin stuff and I’m excited to start baking and eating pumpkin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

pumpkin everythang

I came across this wonderful collaboration of pumpkin pictures on pinterest, from The Bakery Spot.

Scarves and boots. This one is more for people living in places other than Florida. UGH why do I have to wait so long to break out cute boots and scarves? And when I do, it will probably still not be appropriate for the outside temperature. I miss PA where I really got to enjoy the seasons and my pumpkin latte in the brisk cool weather. Ah, oh well.

I love her

There you have it, 4 wonderful reasons to embrace the end of summer with open arms. What am I forgetting? What are the reasons you don’t spend your Labor Day weekend in a deep depression?


Today, we are having some family over. My dad is 1 of 11, so it’s always a good and crazy time when some of them get together. I’m off to work out so I don’t feel that bad about all the food I will most definitely be consuming later, and to help my mom clean the house because she is a stress ball. You would think it was her first time entertaining every single time she does. Poor thing. Enjoy your weekend and an extra day off (hopefully)!


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