Back to School Feeling

I’m feeling old. Okay, maybe that is a little bit dramatic, but this is the first summer back-to-school ads, commercials, and talk doesn’t pertain to me.  It feels so strange not to be worrying about what classes to take, who my teachers will be, and how my schedule will work out. I find myself feeling a little bit jealous of those who still fall into that category.  They don’t have to answer the question “What are you going to do next?” every other day.  How the heck should I know what I want to do? Just kidding, I kind of know. My thing is, how can you ever really know until you are actively doing it, ya know? You can enjoy studying about XYZ, but once you are actually doing XYZ it could be a whole different story.

high school days

Tomorrow I get to put my Event Management studies to use in my first full-time post-college job. Let’s all hope I like doing my XYZ. Today kind of felt like the last day of summer feeling I always used to get, especially before high school. I picked out my outfit, I gave myself a fresh manicure, thought about what lunch time would be like, and I even got a new cute notebook.  I may not be going back to school, but I definitely have that back to school feeling and I’m so excited! I’m also extremely nervous. First days are always nerve-wracking for me.  Hopefully I’ll look cool and collected when I have to answer a silly ice breaker question or something of that nature that is bound to happen at orientation.

Now I’m off to read Bossypants and my latest issue of SELF Magazine, crossing my fingers my anxiousness doesn’t keep me up too late tonight!


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