Oh, Technology

Sometimes I start to think I am so knowledgable when it comes to gadgets and technology. I mean, I have an iPhone, I know how to switch the TV from DVR to DVD, I can use a digital camera, I can even make a power point presentation. Obviously, my skills are endless. When my mom asks me for the 108th time, “How do I open up my e-mail?”, “Can you come with me to get my pictures developed?” all I can do is laugh and wonder if she will ever get it. The answer is probably not.

And then, I decide to start a blog. I realize I have barely any knowledge when it comes to computers and can’t figure anything out on my own. I find myself Googling, “How do I make a picture have a border in WordPress?” or “How do I add those cute little Twitter and Facebook buttons so I can beg people to follow me?” I’m glad I decided to start this blog, but it is going to take me much longer than anticipated to get it looking pretty and snazzy and just the way I want it to look. With that being said, all tips and ideas are welcome here.  🙂



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