Balancing Act

I’m so happy for the weekend! This week has been a little bit crazy for me. Well, really when I think back on it there wasn’t THAT much going on. I’ve definitely been much busier before, but this whole 9-6 thing is just hard to adjust to. I’ve always been an early (ish) riser and I thought it would be a smooth transition. Well, it turns out I’m a baby. Who would have thought? 😉

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The biggest issue I have run into has been picking out outfits for work, what a HUGE problem, right?  I thought I would be set with my four new tops, and two new pants, but then I realized that doesn’t even last me a full week. I have to be creative with what I’ve already got and I’m just not good at that. Hellooooo, sister’s closet. Once I get dinner in my belly, my outfit picked out, and my lunch made it’s 9 p.m. and I have to go to sleep so I have energy to do it again the next day.

I seriously give it up to the people who work full-time, go to school, and have children. That has got to be so tough and I don’t know how people do it. You deserve lots of presents and a daily massage. Balancing one of those things is hard enough. Please teach me your ways. I just want to pin and read!!

This week has been great, though. I’ve been able to meet a lot of people and learn new things and it has only been a week, I’m so fortunate for this opportunity. BUT NOW…weekend commence! Cheers!


American Mud Race

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you can’t wake up? Aren’t they the worst? Today has been like that for me. I’ve felt like I have been in a haze all day! I’m blaming it on “hurricane” Isaac. It didn’t get me out of work or responsibilities, it only made traveling annoying and my hair frizzier. Let there be sun! Okay, time to complain about something else…MY BODY IS STILL SORE!

Funny Workplace Ecard: The hurricane isn't coming anywhere near here but I say we evacuate anyway.

This past Saturday I participated in the American Mud Race with my sister, Kristin. It was held in Orlando and I was lucky enough to get a free admission thanks to Kristin! We decided the week of we would participate together and HOLY CRAP we did not know what we were in for.  I was thinking it would be tougher than a typical race, I mean we were going to be in mud and there would be obstacles involved, but it was a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Running in mud is no joke. We did have plenty of laughs, though. There is just something hilarious about pulling your sister out of a knee-deep mile of mud.  I think the nice gentleman at the Starbucks drive-thru also had some good laughs when he served two mud covered girls.

Yes, that is fire.

Some of the obstacles included plowing through hanging tires, hoisting yourself over plywood that was probably 12ft tall, swimming in mucky water, and climbing massive hay barrels. All while running in the mud in between obstacles. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? I still can’t believe we did it.

What I loved about the race:

  • it was different
  • it was challenging
  • the atmosphere was exciting
  • the sponsors were great
  • free beer ticket for completing the race
  • a cute t-shirt
  • feeling like a complete bad ass

What I didn’t love:

  • the initial muddiness
  • my ankles twisting when landing in the mud while running
  • the SORENESS, ohmigosh my arms
  • getting sulfur water sprayed in my face

All in all it was an awesome event and I’m glad Kristin and I sucked it up and went. We felt so hard-core the rest of the day. Yeah, we ran in mud and jumped over high things. We are strong! We are Women! 😉

Celebrating 3 Years

Hey there friends! How was everyone’s Monday? Mine was definitely more exciting than your typical Monday, since it was my first day at my new “big girl” job. It was exciting and overwhelming and I can’t wait to get into a routine. I love being in some sort of routine and always feel a little anxious when I don’t necessarily have one.  I started off the morning early at the gym on the elliptical. That was about all I could manage today after this weekend’s intense race<—more on that later! I ate a big bowl of always delicious oats, banana, cinnamon, and walnuts and was then off for my first day!


This past week my boyfriend, Sean, and I celebrate our 3 year anniversary. It’s crazy to think we have been dating for that long already. I feel like it was yesterday we first started to chat and go on dates. I guess the time does fly when you’re having fun!

We celebrated by spending the majority of the day together and enjoying a nice dinner at Luma on Park Avenue. Neither of us had ever been before so we were excited to try it out. We were both very impressed. Not that either of us are hard to impress at all, especially when it comes to food. I had Flounder and Sean had Halibut. We both enjoyed it with our drink of choice (wine for me beer for him)


We still had plenty of room for dessert so we headed down to Kilwins and split a cup of Turtle Cheesecake and Winter Park Mud. OHHH MY GOSHHH was it delicious. We always enjoy going on dates on Park Avenue. We can walk around and easily stop at different places for drinks, dinner, and dessert.  It was a great night!

And now I need to get in bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard.

What are your favorite date night spots? We could use some new ideas 😉

Back to School Feeling

I’m feeling old. Okay, maybe that is a little bit dramatic, but this is the first summer back-to-school ads, commercials, and talk doesn’t pertain to me.  It feels so strange not to be worrying about what classes to take, who my teachers will be, and how my schedule will work out. I find myself feeling a little bit jealous of those who still fall into that category.  They don’t have to answer the question “What are you going to do next?” every other day.  How the heck should I know what I want to do? Just kidding, I kind of know. My thing is, how can you ever really know until you are actively doing it, ya know? You can enjoy studying about XYZ, but once you are actually doing XYZ it could be a whole different story.

high school days

Tomorrow I get to put my Event Management studies to use in my first full-time post-college job. Let’s all hope I like doing my XYZ. Today kind of felt like the last day of summer feeling I always used to get, especially before high school. I picked out my outfit, I gave myself a fresh manicure, thought about what lunch time would be like, and I even got a new cute notebook.  I may not be going back to school, but I definitely have that back to school feeling and I’m so excited! I’m also extremely nervous. First days are always nerve-wracking for me.  Hopefully I’ll look cool and collected when I have to answer a silly ice breaker question or something of that nature that is bound to happen at orientation.

Now I’m off to read Bossypants and my latest issue of SELF Magazine, crossing my fingers my anxiousness doesn’t keep me up too late tonight!

Oh, Technology

Sometimes I start to think I am so knowledgable when it comes to gadgets and technology. I mean, I have an iPhone, I know how to switch the TV from DVR to DVD, I can use a digital camera, I can even make a power point presentation. Obviously, my skills are endless. When my mom asks me for the 108th time, “How do I open up my e-mail?”, “Can you come with me to get my pictures developed?” all I can do is laugh and wonder if she will ever get it. The answer is probably not.

And then, I decide to start a blog. I realize I have barely any knowledge when it comes to computers and can’t figure anything out on my own. I find myself Googling, “How do I make a picture have a border in WordPress?” or “How do I add those cute little Twitter and Facebook buttons so I can beg people to follow me?” I’m glad I decided to start this blog, but it is going to take me much longer than anticipated to get it looking pretty and snazzy and just the way I want it to look. With that being said, all tips and ideas are welcome here.  🙂